The Crafty


From sewing to paper craft:

Hand made creations - gifts made with magic!

Welcome to

The Crafty Witch!


I love making things


I've always enjoyed sewing, baking, knitting and paper crafts, and I am constantly looking for ideas to try out. I'll try most crafts, to give The Crafty Witch as much variety as possible, but some things (such as sewing) keep cropping up!


What to do with all my hand crafted projects?


There is only sew much room in my home, and the lives of my nearest and dearest, for all the pieces I craft (and let's face it, not everyone wants a lavender chicken handwarmer for Christmas!!), so I need an outlet in order to create room to keep crafting.


It's not rocket science!


I readily admit that my creations are frequently made with repurposed and recycled materials. Some of the items are time consuming or fiddly to make and many require a little skill and dedication! However, the inspiration is easily available everywhere if you have the time and inclination to look. I know that not everyone has found their creative spirit, or has a few hours to handcraft a project themselves, sew let The Crafty Witch do the creating for you!